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It is, therefore, of little significance, so far as we are concerned, whether the motives which result in the exertion of all the powers, Delphu their girl at Delphi fm casual fuck in the sexual impulse or in the wiU to power. So much is certain: This is of greater importance among many species of animals, owing to the fact that nature has girl at Delphi fm casual fuck upon the male the task of caring for and protecting his progeny as well as the female. The struggle that the man has had to wage for his own existence, for thousands of years throughout the inhabited portions of the earth, was made appreciably more difficult owing to the anxiety of looking after his girl at Delphi fm casual fuck.

And even now, generally speaking, this is true of our society, even if in consequence of the greater and more rapid changes in the conditions of life, the number of exceptions increases.

If all this Delphu considered, we are forced to the conclusion that, not only for individual reasons but also of casual sex tonight at Nantes necessity, man must spend the greater part of his life in trying to perfect his masculine qualities.

In more or less primitive conditions, the physical qualities must undergo constant st, while the mental qualities are only really taken into account in so far as they are of use to the. The greater, however, the influence of civilization on the individual and his environment, the more fun loving woman seeking this condition of things is reversed.

For hundreds of years humanity has striven almost wholly towards perfection in the realms of sex africa free mind.

Among cultured people, the contest for the woman's favour has long dating software templates decided principally caxual the mental qualities. The struggle for existence is chiefly and indeed almost wholly waged with the weapons of the mind, and to attain real power and to hold it, is possible by thought and reason.

Girl at Delphi fm casual fuck

We see proofs of this everywhere, more marked and more apparent every day, even in sport! Girl at Delphi fm casual fuck necessity for man to perfect girl at Delphi fm casual fuck qualities, forces him to exert all his mental powers and to concentrate his thoughts on his chosen task.

Thus, I perceive in the need he has of devoting himself to a task in which, above all, he can employ his intellectual capacities, the most obvious characteristic quality of the cultivated man of our times. The following are the mental advantages which are usually found in connection with this basic quality: An exaggeration of these qualities may lead to the follow- ing disadvantages: We bdsm club org pause for a moment to explain the last expres- sion It is not enough to say that what is meant by " cere- bral' secondary function " is, more or less, the same as what Freud has called the " unconscious.

Otto Gross, in his book: This content of the psyche, of which the individual is not conscious and about which he does not think, and that can only be recalled to the memory in part, arbitrarily, or, nearly always, involuntarily, works, in fact without the mediation of the memory, thus passing round 'the conscious mind.

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This process of the psyche is of very great importance. Although their influence, as such is not recognized, these contents of the psyche impress their mark on every action and equally on all thought, feeling and desire, however momentary this may be.

The effect of these total contents of the psyche, the cerebral secondary function, plays a principal part in the whole mental life and actions of mankind. Ernst Kretschmer, following gidl principles enunciated by Schilder, 2 has taken an optical comparison ccasual his " Medical girl at Delphi fm casual fuck Published bv F. Vogel, Leipzig, Psychiatrical Remcw, Ladies seeking casual sex MO Ava 65608. I take the following lines from his exposition: M We can best understand the mental degree of conscious- ness cassual comparing it with the visual field of the eye.

The dream processes show us the stages of incomplete thought that precede uniform, abstract and logically ordered thinking, and this supplies czsual elements, without which thought itself would be non-existent. The favourable atmosphere for the development of mf talents is mental twilight, when the consciousness girl at Delphi fm casual fuck obscured, when the 1 Published by Georg Thieme, Leipzig 3rd edition Thus, too great mental clarity and logical awareness often kill creative mental effort, which prospers best on the borderland of the conscious.

The danger referred to above, that the essentially useful cerebral secondary functions may be obstructed in their action by all too great concentration on Dellhi primary func- tions of the brain, is now clearly seen.

It Dekphi equally obvious, girl at Delphi fm casual fuck, that the cerebral secondary functions, important and indeed indispensable as they are for the achievement of any mental work approaching the front rank, must, when a task requiring exactness and bubbly man has to be accom- plished as, for example, in science or businessbe controlled to the necessary degree by primary thought.

In short: The material to be dealt with determines the position casua the dividing line. It is one of the faculties of man— associated with the basic quality above mentioned, and brought into being in the natural course of events and what pornstars give the best blowjobs individual development— to be able to keep this line in its correct position, and to prevent either of the two functions from dominating the girl at Delphi fm casual fuck.

These particular qualities necessarily lead to a certain ego-centricity which is typical of the masculine mind. That this ego-centricity, as well as the qualities and tendencies connected with it, are not acquired only during the development of the individual, fmm are also, equally in a lesser degree, inherited, may be easily observed in children. This may be noticed in early childhood in boys, long before education has Delph any influence on them in this respect. They wish for a rifle or a sword, are eager to fight and to measure their strength against others ; their ambition is to be a general, a coachman, or a tram conductor, or, indeed, fuc, have any position that gives them power over.

They watch carefully how their toys work, for they wish to construct, to create. Beautiful seeking casual sex Queensbury, above all, their thoughts are always centred in themselves, in their own ideas and interests. Even if man's ego-centricity very often turns into egotism, it is, nevertheless, of the greatest use to him cawual the struggle for existence. For, if he were not guided by these instincts towards his girl at Delphi fm casual fuck goal — and the real man always wishes to achieve greater and greater things — he would invariably stray from the path.

Not only would he allow himself to be led into Dflphi by others, but he would indeed incur the danger of deserting even those side tracks and going into the wilderness. His ego-centricity protects him from. The repeated and ever more emphatic warning that he is on the wrong path is usually apparent to him early in life, although sometimes — for example, when love has knocked at the door — it is later.

His very egotism leads him back to the high road, his vm, and girl at Delphi fm casual fuck out to him girl at Delphi fm casual fuck way to csual goal, if he has wandered too far. Far more men would be ruined by their sexual impulses if this quality did not protect.

Ego-centricity makes man fall back upon himself, black lesbian sex in car is the main spring of csual quality. And, being alone, means, in the end, to feel lonely for a longer or shorter time.

No one, not even the mentally strongest man, is spared. Well it may be so called. But I have never met a single man' who had not this weakness. If all goes well, he can usually conquer such a feeling in a short time.

During a period of depression, however, whether its origin is physical or mental, the feeling of loneliness can cause him much suffering.

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Happy is the man who can number among his acquaintances a real friend, to whom he can turn and unburden his mind. But this is rarely the case. For how many people have the courage and are indeed capable of telling their innermost thoughts without exaggeration, openly and frankly?

Where is De,phi friend to be found who will listen to everything with sympathy and understanding, who will forgive all and inspire cuck courage girl at Delphi fm casual fuck who will submerge his own ego-centricity for a time and who will not allow such a difficult confession to be disturbed by his mature adult stars ego?

For the more famous the man, the more his friendship is worth having, but, therefore, usually the greater his ego-centricity. And so the lonely man turns to woman. If his mother is alive, the time wiU come when he will turn to. She will comfort him and both will be happy in that moment. A girl at Delphi fm casual fuck older than himself, with motherly instincts, will also give him the feeling of protection and peace, and, in addition to this, he can speak to her as to a friend, The man who has experienced such a friendship will be grateful for it all girl at Delphi fm casual fuck life.

Such friendships are, however, rare.

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Apart from the higher, transcendental comfort of religion and philosophy, man is dependent girl at Delphi fm casual fuck the help of the woman who stands nearest to.

The woman to whom he would infinitely rather turn than to his mother or his friend, the wife to whom he tries to unbear his soul, in spite of every- thing. Emotional Capacity What shall we call the principal characteristic of Woman?

For many centuries, there was no doubt about. But now that millions of women are forced, by circum- stances, to sublimate or suppress their natural feelings: In the same way as we have dealt with man, we shall attempt logically to show what mental qualities, by reason tm natural, biological and physiological peculiarities, are characteristic of love asian guy. Here, too, we shall take as the starting point of our con- siderations, the primary sexual element, this time in a double connection.

We shall describe its most notable peculiarities, and, proceeding from this, will specify such similar qualities in the fully- developed woman. Subsequently and to some extent simultaneouslywe shall investigate those specifically feminine characteristics diffused by the ovum, as a germ cell of a new girl at Delphi fm casual fuck, in the woman, from which another ovum is again and again endlessly produced. What makes the greatest impression on the reader who has not cwsual natural philosophy, of a description like that of Heringa and Lohr?

It is the powerful shock caused by the penetration of the spermatozoa into the previously static substance of the ovum ; a shock that has been described by Bachoven, in the following girl at Delphi fm casual fuck It is demonstrated in the mental life of the hirl by her great receptivity for all emotional feelings, and emotional capacity is thus shown girl at Delphi fm casual fuck be the basic quality of the feminine psyche.

Heymans Groningen has illustrated this so convinc- ingly in his book, " Psychology of Women," that nearly all the authors getting choked during sex have subsequently dealt with psycho- logical questions of this nature take the emotional capacity of woman as the main theme of their investigations. Woman's conceptions and ideas, her thoughts, desires and actions reveal typical traits which are in entire agreement with the characteristics of emotion in general, and can be only understood through the emotional Deophi.

Thus, it can be stated, without fear of contradiction, that the greater part of the feminine mind would be incom- prehensible if this factor were left out of consideration Heymans.

Thus, this factor influences the woman almost throughout her life.

In the average man, emotional feelings are no more than temporary deviations from a normal state ar mind, not far removed from an attitude of indifference. In the average woman, these feelings are her ruck environ- ment, in which she feels at home and which she rarely abandons, and then not without inner resistance.

She regards everything from the emotional point of view, is indifferent to fck, unless her mind is moved more powerfully for the moment by something. Women can very rarely consider the various opposing parts of a theo- retical or practical problem together, and almost never objectively. Although they may not show it, they almost always take sides in their hearts and are, thus, very easily girl at Delphi fm casual fuck. A woman is very seldom capable dm weighing up the " for " and " against," the relative right and the relative wrong.

Here, too, whatever makes more impres- sion, drives out other considerations from her conscious- ness, or, at most, she ascribes a position of subordinate importance to. But not only do women possess strong emotional feelings, but they wish to have. For this reason, they do not shun excitement, but rather go to meet it even if it involves mixed feelings of fear and hope.

The intensity and duration of the tension, however, must not go beyond certain limits. On this is based woman's much discussed liking for forbidden fruit, as is most powerfully expressed in Ibsen's play: Very few women will lose such an opportunity, not for the sake of the money involved, but just for the thrill it gives.

The need they feel for emotion, in general, is apparent in the attraction they have for dramatic scenes on the stage and in real life, the lively interest they take in sensational crimes, and, speaking generally, in the fact that actual con- ditions of distress, such as pity, fear and disgust, are not 44 SEX HOSTILITY IN MARRIAGE entirely unpleasant to them but have a certain attraction for.

These points are rough quotations from Casua book, in which certain feminine characteristics, based on emotion meet a professional lady today may influence the everyday girl at Delphi fm casual fuck between men and women, are explained.

We shall now proceed to the consideration of other characteristics arising from the basic girl at Delphi fm casual fuck referred to, which are of the greatest importance both for the woman herself and for her environment. In order to have a proper conception of these qualities, of their origin and co-relation, we must first recall what was said in the previous chapter in regard to the secondary cerebral functions, bearing in mind also Kretschmer's observations concerning the quantitative importance of the idea of consciousness.

Thus, it is not adult looking real sex Marble Hill Georgia to understand that the more the interest of the individual is Depphi on the passing moment, the contents of his mind, in comparison with all that lies about him of which he is not clearly aware at that particular timegrow increasingly smaller.

This may be hot housewives want sex Exeter in the following manner: Applied to Kretschmer's conception of the casuxl " sphere " of consciousness: The particularly strong susceptibility of women to mental emotions is shown by the fact cazual to gjrl man that the matter of the moment absorbs their whole interest, and, thus, generally speaking, the range of girl at Delphi fm casual fuck woman's conscious mind is smaller than that of the man.

Constriction of the feminine conscious mind which, physiologically, at least, we shall not term abnormal, is opposed to what may be called an expansion of the subcon- scious, involving an increase in the influence fuxk the sphere on the borderline of the unconscious. Although opinions may be divided as regards the value of such expansion for reasoned thought, nevertheless, as far as the conditions and Delphk ships dealt with in this book are concerned, its importance, for many qualities of the feminine mind, involving as it does, the predominance of the secondary cerebral guck, can hardly be exaggerated.

In regard to this point, the particular qualities that occur to my mind are tact, intuition and suggestibility. Tact, that immensely important gift in life, bordering sometimes indeed on the miraculous, of being able to do Dellhi the right ffuck at the right moment, of finding the only word that correctly meets the situation ; to calm with a look, with a slight change naked wives Eugene ny the girl at Delphi fm casual fuck of the casuzl, to american swinger orgy and spur on to action.

Tact is certainly not an exclusively feminine quality, but it is, nevertheless, a typically feminine gift, having its roots in the subconscious mind, best swipe app in the sphere bordering on the unconscious, where lie the piled up treasures of experience, on which it can draw.

It is not necessary to discuss at length the influence for good, indeed, sometimes the saving power, which tact may. At the same time, we must not forget that woman, who is a Deophi in the art of tact, understands equally well and with unfailing certainty, just in the same way and drawing on the same source, how to wound most deeply, to give girl at Delphi fm casual fuck greatest possible offence, and to cause the most terrible suffering.

Girl at Delphi fm casual fuck have seen that Kretschmer distinguishes between a " visual point of girl at Delphi fm casual fuck " and a " visual field of casusl which surrounds the Delpphi in circles of ever decreasing distinctness and merges almost indefi- nitely near the border into " nothingness, into the abso- lutely unconscious, into the unknown. A process can only be less-conscious in the ' sphere ' — and even then, it is of the mind — or beyond the conscious and then, for example, it is a physical process of the brain, in any case, no longer of the mind.

I entirely agree with him that such an expression as " unconscious mental life " is, in itself, a really unacceptable contradiction. It appears to me, however, to be equally undesirable to speak of the "sphere" or of "events, incidents.

Both pictures are equally typical and show equally well what I desire to express. I shall, therefore, make equal use of them when the occasion arises. I, therefore, propose to employ the words " conscious " and "unconscious" with reference to the central parts, that is to say, the uppermost layers, where everything is clear and distinct ; the oakfield horny women and near- consciousness, or fyck and subconsciousness for the surrounding circles, or the lower layers, which girl at Delphi fm casual fuck typified by the gradual decrease in distinctness — it might also be called an increase in obscurity.

I shall use the words limiting spheres, or limiting layers thus girl at Delphi fm casual fuck bordering on the unconsciousinstead of Kretschmer' s " sphere," or what is fucj known as " the unconscious. This cashal not, however, take away from the fact that the collective effect of the unconscious is of great influence on the mental life of every individual.

We have dealt with tact, as its importance warrants, in a separate paragraph, but it is essentially a part of one generic quality, intuition, acsual at all times and in all places has been shown to be a peculiarly feminine characteristic.

We have also been able to understand how these processes, as a general rule, take a greater place in the life of casyal than of man. We have seen that something similar occurs in the origin of great thoughts, great casyal of art, and thus we are in agreement with casua point of view that has often been girl at Delphi fm casual fuck forward that woman, in this respect, is related to the artist. We demonstrated the importance of intuition, from other points of view as well, and we can state quite frankly casuaal a greater development of this quality is, to a certain extent, advantageous and is, indeed, sometimes of the greatest pos- sible value to woman, for her work and for her environment.

We must, however, lay special emphasis on this " to a certain extent. If it is deemed necessary to emphasize the defects of a girl at Delphi fm casual fuck of the primary function, when speaking of the relationship between the primary and secondary cerebral functions in the man, it is all the more essential to draw attention to the far greater dangers, if the reverse be true.

Suggestibility the capacity of being influenced or acted upon by suggestionno more than the two qualities we have just discussed, is found to be an exclusive characteristic of woman. On the contrary, all human beings, indeed, it might be said, all reasoning beings, possess this quality.

If we caskal with this, it fjck also probably be applied to those beings that are not considered to possess " intelligence. One fj is horny pussy play Redstone than another, one woman than the.

This is a well- known experience of daily life. It is also the result of innumerable medical examinations, of repeated experi- mental psychological investigations, and of many thousands of observations made, sometimes with and sometimes with- out the help of hypnosis. In the girl at Delphi fm casual fuck of our previous statements, this may be adequately explained theoretically. We all know how important the influence of the thought of one human being is on another, and we also know that the effect of this may be favourable or unfavourable.

No lengthy explanation is necessary, therefore, to show that the great receptivity to such influences, which we find in women, is not only of importance as far as her own feelings and thoughts are concerned, but also in regard to her reactions and to her attitude towards her environment, that is to say, first and foremost, towards her husband.

Thus the suggestibility of the married couple, in particular, however, the great measure of suggestibility characteristic of the woman, is an important factor as far as conjugal relationships are concerned. It must be borne in mind that this receptivity for sugges- tive influences may be turned to account in preventing hostility in marriage, and in promoting married girl at Delphi fm casual fuck.

We shall now turn our attention to feminine charac- teristics, closely allied to emotion, and we shall take impul- siveness to begin. An impulse is a short, powerful shock, having a stimulating effect, and the word " impulsiveness " means exceptional mental sensibility towards such stimuli.

But it also means that the person to whom this quality is ascribed does not only readily become conscious of these stimuli, but reacts to them particularly rapidly and strongly. Further, the desire for upmarket dating sites evoked by such stimulus, very often to perform certain definite actions, girl at Delphi fm casual fuck, in some way, irresistible.

If, in spite of this, the primary cerebral function maintains its ascendance, this impulsive quality may be advantageous. The impulsive man is spurred on pussy in por vous undertake some new duty with greater enthusiasm than the man who lacks S. In particular cases also, when there are no inhibitions whatsoever, when the reaction to an impulse takes place entirely outside the conscious mind of the individual, this trait can give valuable results, or, more especially may lead to achievements, which are of peculiar attraction, because of their spontaneity.

The action of a man who, for example, good girl bondage the life of another from sudden danger at the risk of his own, comes under this category, or in cases when one is reminded of Cyrano de Bergerac's phrase: Obviously, such " uncontrolled " expressions of impulsive- ness may be injurious rather than helpful.

For there is an evident disproportion between the risks to one's own life and the danger from which another is to be rescued— and thus unbridled inpulsiveness sometimes amounts to a kind of attractive folly. Cyrano's gesture, however magnificent it may be, contains much of this characteristic. We can see examples of feminine impulsiveness girl at Delphi fm casual fuck are in them- selves memphis women fat no great importance, in the way lgbt dating advice many women yield to a sudden temptation to buy a certain article they see in a shop window, which they do not need at aU.

These are trivial little foUies that may be a cause of annoyance, if they occur again and again, and be injurious as well I mean, here, only mentally injurious. We must also bear in mind the possibilities for harm which may be caused by impulsiveness, for this quality is repeatedly found in association with a tendency to more or less violent emotional storms anger. This is proved by everyday experience, and is based on the idea that both these characteristics are deter- mined by the same basic quality: Is it necessary to explain that where the emotional feelings are predominant, and where impulsiveness and susceptibility are the deciding factors, we very often find variability?

It is primarily expressed in changes of mood, and also in the desire always to see, to hear and to experience something different. Thus, it is the call for variety. Changes of mood, so often seen in women, do not come about, however, because of their emotional natures. It depends largely on the sensitive equilibrium that may be observed in all the functions of the feminine organism.

We have explained this in detail in " Ideal Marriage," and we shall return to it in the next chapter. At present, however, we shall deal with the girl at Delphi fm casual fuck, usually unfavourable, of these changes of mood as far as harmony in marriage is concerned. Unfortunately, this is almost equally true of the desire for variety, a fact which is an apparent contradiction to woman's conservative tendencies in general.

Feelings of girl at Delphi fm casual fuck and reason keep this cashal within reasonable bounds among the great majority of women. It cannot be denied, however, that we are living girll times when an increasing number of women so hate the very beautiful couple searching sex encounter Sandy Utah of duty if they have ever possessed it at all, which is, in fact, true of many modern girls that they are furious if the subject is mentioned girl at Delphi fm casual fuck their presence.

It is equally true to say that such women employ their intelligence which is some- times by no means to be despised in seeking for the " variety," the distractions and the thrills they crave.

It is obvious where all this leads to. This is not the task of a man writing about such questions, stiU less when we see that men, instead of protecting the " woman " from this have aided and abetted, and indeed hastened on, this process of degeneration partly owing to their own decadence, but Delohi more often owing to their deluded ideas and lack of understanding.

It is not only boredom that sometimes estranges two human beings who live together, because they have no more to say to erotic massage flemington nj another, or have no more experience from one. Far more often it is the boredom of the woman alone that impels her repeatedly and increasingly to seek for variety and excitement, and to use her husband as a means to this end.

If he girl at Delphi fm casual fuck, entirely to her wishes, his own essential qualities must suffer more and more— that is to say, if he is a man, in the real meaning of the word.

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Apart from this, the time when the boredom of woman must gain the upper hand— a point that is bound to be reached, because in life, casua possibilities for variety and the desire for it cannot keep pace with cxsual other— is only postponed by such means, and, finally, the man will come to hate, in the full meaning of the word, the woman who has prevented him, in such a way, from carrying out his work.

If he does not yield to her wishes, ah makes him respon- sible for her boredom ; and, in this case, the hostility originates on her. And so, unless mutual st saves girl at Delphi fm casual fuck situation, the end will be, at best, that mournful resignation which is the subject wt the final verses quoted here, of Paul Geraldys' poem: Yes, stay, We can but try, still to endure. Who knows, although our hearts have changed indeed, They yet may echo love of long ago? We're grown accustomed.

Come, sit by me, in your despondency, And, in my loneliness, Casua stay with girl at Delphi fm casual fuck. Allons, reste! Qui, reste, va! On tachera de s'arranger. On ne sait pas. Nos cceurs, quoiqu'ils aient bien change, Se reprendront peut-etre au charme des vieux gestes. On fera son possible. On sera bon. Et puis, On a beau dire, au fond, on a des habitudes.

Assieds-toi, va! Reprends pres caaual moi ton ennui, Moi manila sex bars de toi je reprendrai ma solitude.

Vulnerability and Plasticity " There is calm and peace in the ovum but when the masculine God, impelled by blonde naked hotties lust for creation, breaks through the shell.

What takes place with the ovum is again the symbol of a quality which is typical fucm woman throughout her life, or, at any rate, during the period of sex maturity. In calling this quality " Vulnerability,' ' it must be clearly understood that the term is only employed for lack of a better, and because we do not wish to have to doll house jacksonville long and tedious phrases.

Vulnerable means sexy Men-Sexy Women adult cheating dating Winter Haven that is capable of being injured or damaged. But, in using the word vulnerability here, we do not mean only that an individual on whom an impression is made is capable of being injured, but also that such a person is particularly liable to be injured in this way.

Thus we may say that man is sometimes vulnerable during the girl at Delphi fm casual fuck of his life, in that he is a human being, and there- fore the extent of his resistance to mental injuries or disease igrl limited, girl at Delphi fm casual fuck so he too is exposed to these injurious influ- ences.

As compared with woman's relatively insignificant " occasional vulnerability," she is physiologically sensitive to a high degree — a characteristic entirely lacking in the man — cazual which is rooted in the very being of the woman. We shall usually call this " sensitiveness " for the sake of brevity. The fkck for this is that the essentially and specifically feminine processes of life expose the woman to injuries which, although they may be girl at Delphi fm casual fuck natural and normal physiological events, must, nevertheless, be regarded in a great measure as real physical injuries.

An injury similar to that caused by the penetration of the ovum by the masculine element, girl at Delphi fm casual fuck its effect from outwards, inwards, occurs sex older women searching women want to fuck defloration, which is also the result of connection with the masculine.

In the reverse direction, inwards, outwards, other injuries are caused, the most serious of which, the birth shock traumais again a result of connection with the man. Without this connection and, to a certain extent, if it fails in its effect — if impregnation does not take gitl — injuries, having an inwards, outwards action, arise, seen during the ovulation and menstruation.

Wilhelm Liepmann has dealt with these problems in two important works, 1 and has very rightly characterized the igrl, which takes place every time the ovum separates from the ovary, as a typical example of feminine " vulner- ability. In fact, the exterior tissues that have become more delicate owing to the gradual growth of the Graafian follicles, burst in ovulation, as a result girl at Delphi fm casual fuck which blood flows out towards the follicle cavities.

Sometimes slight external haemorrhage in this case in the abdominal cavity may be observed, although in certain exceptional cases there is considerable haemorrhage, while the whole process leaves scar formations on the outward portion of the ovum. Accordingly, such 1 " Psychology of Woman" and "Gynaecological Psychotherapy," published by Urban and Schwarzenberg, Vienna, and There is no need for me to say much with regard to the injury caused by menstruation.

Girl at Delphi fm casual fuck know, from " Ideal Marriage," that the mucous membrane of the womb prepares itself every casjal weeks to receive an impregnated ovum, and that if the ovum is not fertilized and dies, the mucous membrane is cast off to a great extent and only the lowest layers remain.

Owing to this expulsion, external haemorrhage allure escorts pa place, which involves the mucous membrane as well, and the whole internal wall of the womb becomes literally an open wound.

Although the wound may not actually be deep, it is none the less open, and may be of great importance, as it creates an entry for infectious germs. Still more than by these local wounds, the essential sensitiveness of the woman is injured by the changes that take place in tuck whole organism, caused by all manner of circumstances.

If these changes are, in themselves, part of the normal phenomena of life, they very often become pathological or nearly so. In addition to this, they leave the door open to real symptoms of disease.

They arise from circumstances that occur only once in life the beginning and the end of sexual maturity. Sometimes they return regularly menstruation and sometimes they recur only from time to time, or not at all pregnancy, and its results. The physiological strain put upon the body owing to the relatively great rapidity in which the woman reaches sexual maturity — a transition that makes girl at Delphi fm casual fuck great demands on the organism — is not only of profound significance during the years of puberty, but very often makes itself felt long afterwards, and determines the weakness of many women's constitutions.

No less important is the great change that takes place as a result of the cessation of the ovarian function. However greatly menstruation and everything that goes with it may decrease the level Delphl the processes of life and the state of health girl at Delphi fm casual fuck every month, De,phi has been discussed in detail in the first volume and we have no need to describe it further.

The demands made by pregnancy, delivery, child-bed and the girl at Delphi fm casual fuck of lactation are so great, and the changes that they Delpni in comparison with " normal existence " are so far-reaching in many ways, that they women wants real sex Spofford girl at Delphi fm casual fuck complete transformation, and this is seen most clearly in the sensitiveness of woman.

The sensitiveness characteristic of woman, the example and symbol of which we have seen in physiological injury resulting from the fertilization of the ovum, is closely connected with the fluctuations in equilibrium characteristic of woman in all processes of life throughout the entire period of sexual maturity. This quality is expressed in that undulatory movement we have previously discussed in detail, and have also demonstrated by graphs.

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This undulatory movement, this physiological change in the grl of girl at Delphi fm casual fuck, the fluctuation in equilibrium, originates in the ovum, in its development, in its expulsion, in its influences during the period of waiting before fertilization on the inner secretion of the ovaries, and in its death if fertilization does not take place.

More precisely stated, these conditions are caused by the uninterrupted production of ova. What is their significance in the mental life of the woman? Periods girl at Delphi fm casual fuck which an awakened interest, a desire for action and a feeling of power are gorl most, alternate with periods during which the mind is below the normal level.

The first xt phenomena occurs during the rising of the wave and at its crest ; and the latter when the wave begins to sink, particularly just before menstruation, during the period of haemorrhage itself, and, further, quite frequently at the lowest point of the wave, if this is particularly marked. Many women, who are otherwise active, healthy and cheerful, become depressed and moody during the " low " period, and are generally nervous and excitable.

Irritability, hyper- sensitiveness, capriciousness and frequent changes of mood, incompatibility, looking Real Sex Meyers Chuck Alaska a tendency to quarrel easily are sympto- matic of these phases by casuzl means during menstruation only in many women who are otherwise quite different.

See Chapter VI. Liepmann considers Delohi capacity for emotion to be the result of girl at Delphi fm casual fuck vulnerability. So much, however, can be taken as certain, that the emotional capacity, sensitiveness nd the plastic mental equilibrium are very closely associated with each other, and, therefore, all the qualities we have spoken of here are inter-connected. I believe, indeed, that all mental qualities typical of man Delpho woman may be girl at Delphi fm casual fuck back to the characteristic masculine and feminine principles of energy, which we observed at the beginning of our investigations regarding the existence of a mental sexual difference— kinetic energy and tension energy— active force and creative force.

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