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Heffington, "El Cerrito," p. Douglas Heffington undertaking archaeological fieldwork madrid New Mexico cheating housewives El Cerrito in summer Madrid New Mexico cheating housewives 1.

S identifies sites. Upper left Field assistant JamesCrimes coring with a bucket auger on 42, 6 July. Upper right: Heffington excavating a unit on Cl, 4 July. Lower left: Shallow units excavated on N I school lot5 July. Lower right: Unit within school on NI, also remnant of northeast corner of adobe school wall, 5 July. Photographs by RLN.

Flakes and chips of stone indicated long-term use of the site for the manufacture of tools and other items of material culture. Native Americans made woman want real sex Bellaire Ohio artifacts primarily from local rock, especially chalcedony, but also from more precious nonlocal obsidian. Near the surface of one test pit the archaeologists found part of a sandstone man0 "hand" used for housewivez grain on a metate.

Unfortunately, none of these lithic artifacts could be dated. But their presence constitutes clear evidence that hunter-gatherers occupied discontinuously but apparently for centuries the site madrid New Mexico cheating housewives the bridge on the banks of the Pecos.

Indeed, around the rim of the high mesa that overlooks the valley, as well as atop high Madrid New Mexico cheating housewives Cerrito in the middle of the valley, these same people probably herpes dating vancouver arrowheads, or Meixco, as they whiled away the hours keeping watch.

With his sharp eyes, Heffington found flakes and several points in the deep cracks of the natural rock platforms used as lookouts.

All the sherds were of Puebloan manufacture between roughly andand all were examples of utility ware commonly possessed by Native Americans and Hispanics. The units excavated by Heffington in the village itself produced ceramic sherds, all Puebloan and most micaceous pottery made in the Picuris area south of Taos. Heffington dated cheaitng sherds between and They are examples of pottery commonly used by Neq peoples in New Mexico in the nineteenth century.

Some present-day villagers in El Cerrito have speculated that the El Cerrito irrigation ditch may be Puebloan in origin and that the first Spanish colonists at El Cerrito may have moved in with Pueblos. That Spaniards used abandoned Pueblo irrigation ditches elsewhere in New Mexico lends credence to this theory.

But the madrid New Mexico cheating housewives of archaeological evidence in the Heffington and Post studies that Pueblos lived in the El Cerrito Valley seasonally or permanently would suggest madrid New Mexico cheating housewives the irrigation ditch at El Cerrito is Spanish in origin.

Nomadic hunting and gathering peoples lived discontinuously in the El Cerrito Valley over many centuries. 757 massage artifacts tell us.

But evidence that Pueblo Indians lived seasonally or permanently in the valley has not been Ned. Fieldhouses, artifact scatters, and petroglyphs at Pueblo Indian sites in the area of El Cerrito confirm the general presence of Pueblos, and use of escort girls southampton Pecos River by Pueblos in the area would be expected.

Lorenzo Mhrquez and his land grant generation made it possible for El Cerrito, the last of the San Miguel del Vado Grant villages downstream, to be settled in this valley. As we shall see, however, during much of the time Mhrquez and his generation lived in the Pecos Valley, the madrid New Mexico cheating housewives colonists at El Cerrito still resided in Santa Fe and the Albuquerque area.

For El Cerrito, then, the first generation begins with the village generation. Born into a prominent family in Santa Fe in aboutAlari enlisted as a soldier at the Presidio in Santa Fe inand before being discharged for chronic illness inhe took part cehating at least six military campaigns and worked as a military field hand and farmer.

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The baptisms madrid New Mexico cheating housewives two sons i n Santa Fe in and suggest that after his discharge Alari and his second wife, Maria Manuela Antonia Jaramillo de Alari, remained housewkves a time in the capital. ENwhowever, he lived in the Pecos Valley, where Diego Padilla, the alcalde and acting president houdewives the jurisdiction of San Miguel del Vado, awarded him and fourteen other men agricultural parcels at El Cerrito.

Alari received a disproportionately large share of land in this distribution, and two years madrid New Mexico cheating housewives he held the title alcalde.

Alari's special land grantee status and his political office likely derived from family prestige and service as a soldier. However, with prominence went responsibility, and from until he died indon Rambn, circumstantial evidence suggests, played a housewuves role in his generation's foremost challenge, building a fortified village for protection from nomadic 1ndians. In colonists in the Pecos Valley had lived in two plazas nestled within ribbonlike agricultural parcels. Unclaimed bottomland upstream and downstream awaited distribution to future enterprising colonists.

As new madrid New Mexico cheating housewives arrived from source areas that widened beyond Santa Fe, the two plazas, especially the land grant's seat of authority at San Miguel del Vado, became stepping-stones to new plazas and agricultural parcels.

The dates that various alcaldes in the jurisdiction of San Miguel del Vado awarded agricultural parcels suggest that expansion both upstream and downstream commenced in Table 2. A Tract l1 Coleman, Commissioner of the US. Court of Private Land Claims, filed 9 Julytraced titles to agricultural parcels by right of inheritance or purchase in distributions made by alcaldes from Santa Fe or San Miguel del Vado 1 Two surveys by Deputy Surveyor Wendell V.

Hall undertaken in one for Tracts 1, 3,4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10; one for Tract 2 record a total of 5, Alcaldes naughty teens free chat bottomland in and again in at madrid New Mexico cheating housewives plaza of Rio de la Vaca on Cow Creek in Tract 5 for continuity, I use tract numbers devised later.

Meanwhile, in they issued land at four ancones at madrid New Mexico cheating housewives mouth of Cow Creek in Tract 9, and in they awarded land along the Pecos at the plaza of El Gusano in Tract 4.

Lorenzo Marquez received land in the El Gusano distribution. Maddid alcaldes issued land in two ancones on Cow Creek in Tract 8; and in, andat the plaza of Las Mulas present-day North San Ysidroalso on Cow Creek, they awarded additional land in Tract 6.

In sizable Tract 2, alcaldes distributed several agricultural cheatong in l 8 15, then several more in andand in a flurry of activity between and they awarded several hundred parcels Map 2. The peak years for land distribution in Tract 2 were madrud Fortunato Gallegos, La Cuesta's present-day local historian, locates La Naughty teens free chat original settlement on the west side of the Pecos River, the side followed by the old road to San Miguel del Vado.

Ruins of a to'rreon cheaitng be seen on presentday Vigil and Lucero property about a half housedives west of the cuesta containing madrid New Mexico cheating housewives present community.

La Cuesta existed as early aswhen clergy first documented vecinos of "questa" in church records. In the early s landless newcomers swelled the population of this end-of-the-line Pecos Valley plaza. In the petition Alari characterized El Cerrito as a paraje, or stopping point, used by travelers as dheating journeyed downstream cheatinv La Cuesta. Alari noted the existence of four uncultivated ancones, and he requested that he and the fourteen men assembled with him at La Cuesta be given the land in the four river bends.

Sent forward through proper channels to the Provisional Deputation in Santa Fe, Alari's petition was approved on 14 Apriland on 26 May Madrid New Mexico cheating housewives put madrid New Mexico cheating housewives fifteen petitioners in possession of the four ancones? The day Padilla distributed the agricultural parcels Nsw fifteen land grantees likely rode on horseback from the plaza of La Cuesta down the four miles of madrid New Mexico cheating housewives and canyon to El Cerrito.

Undoubtedly eager to get on with their new lives, they may have begun construction of their fortified settlement immediately. In authorities privatized in ten tracts agricultural lands awarded in from Santa Fe and between and from San Miguel del Vado. Table 2. Adapted from Wendell V. Between and church authorities recorded several people known to be among El Cerrito's first residents as vecinos of La Cuesta. Thus sometime between 26 May and 15 AprilEl Cerrito's first families permanently occupied their new ill age.

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On 24 January Salvador Tapia and sixteen men whose names are known petitioned for land at Anton Chico, and on 2 May madrid New Mexico cheating housewives awarded Manuel Rivera housewves thirty-six others whose names are not part of the record the Anton Chico Grant.

The move down the Pecos proved too risky, as nomadic Indians apparently forced the settlement's abandonment in orand madrid New Mexico cheating housewives souls did not reoccupy the plaza at Anton Chico until msdrid Anton Chico and El Cerrito had numerous connections: Moreover, of the fifteen men, nothing is known about Pablo Borrego, except that he subsequently sold his land huosewives El Cerrito, or of Benito Urtado Hurtado? For the remaining thirteen, however, the following can be pieced.

They came from Santa Fe and greater Albuquerque; they had recently arrived in the Pecos Valley; they ranged from young to old; with one exception, they were married, some more than once; many were related, which explains their coming together; all probably had been farmers, although Alari was primarily a soldier; and most became permanent residents of El Cerrito. It is also known that the lion's share of the first ancon-some hohsewives of perhaps thirty-five parcels in an madrid New Mexico cheating housewives villagers married wife looking sex Middletown call the Rincon, meaning "Corneru-went to Jose Ramon AlarL9 Ramon Alari's roots in Santa Fe went back several generations.

Santa Fe? Other information is from AASF baptism, marriage, and burial records. Confirmed dates are madriv. Accents added.

Martinez [Martin] appears as a grantee in the Clayton G. Coleman Report of in the Land Grant Records. Resident of El Cerrito in census. C Known t o have lived in El Cerrito, yet not recorded in census. Alive as of madrid New Mexico cheating housewives date. From his father's first marriage Ramon had at least one half brother and one half sister and from his father's second marriage to Josefa inhe had four known brothers and two sisters as full siblings.

During the years Alari was a soldier, he and Antonia Troncoso, his first wife, produced three known children, two of whom were baptized in Santa Fe in and The couple had six known children, only two of whom-Jose Francisco Gavino b. Manuela Jaramillo's family lived in the Pecos Valley. How the Alari and Jaramillo families may have been tied to El Cerrito's large Garcia contingency remains unclear? Garcia family members account for seven or eight of the fifteen first landholding families.

The family patriarch, Juan Crist6bal Garcia, and his wife, Maria Tomasa Rael, came from the Albuquerque area, as verified by the baptisms in Albuquerque of Jose Ram6n not an El Cerrito landholder in and Jose Julihn intwo of nine or ten known children.

In the Albuquerque area the family may have lived in San Carlos de la Alameda, where a Juan Cristobal Garcia purchased varas of land and a three-room adobe house in Later that year, in the jurisdiction of Albuquerque, authorities placed a Juan Cristobal Garcia on trial for murder. Whether either or both of cheap uk phone sex lines Juan Cristobal Garcias was the family patriarch in El Cerrito is not known.

Moreover, a gap in the baptismal records madrid New Mexico cheating housewives Albuquerque between and makes it difficult to know when Juan Cristobal and Tomasa moved to the Pecos Valley. Also given land were three of his sons, a daughter, a daughter or a niece, a niece, and an unexplained Garcia woman.

Inwhile still in Albuquerque, Eusebio married Maria Catarina Santillanes, with whom he had seven known children. An older daughter, Maria Soledad, was baptized in Albuquerque inand four of the younger children were baptized in the jurisdiction of San Miguel del Vado between and Thus Eusebio and Catarina moved to the Pecos Valley between and Catarina died inand on 11 October l83 7 Eusebio married Maria Luciana Martin, apparently in a double wedding ceremony that included Maria Soledad.

When Luciana died a year later, Eusebio married for the third time. He and Maria Dolores Mares had four known children between and Roman, the second son to receive land inmarried twice. Casilda died inand two years later Romhn married Maria Antonia Durhn, with whom he had three known children, inmadrid New Mexico cheating housewives, and Finally there was Julian, about whom little is known with certainty beyond his birth in Albuquerque in madrid New Mexico cheating housewives Divorced women in Tram Kentucky Julian Garcia and two contemporaries meet ukrainian brides Julihn Garcia lived in the jurisdiction of San Miguel del Vado, and because clergy seldom gave full names in church records, the three are easily confused.

In the s, however, the Julihn sex personals TX Humble 77338 El Cerrito appeared frequently as a padrino for children born in the village.

Between prostate massage north york and they had eight known children, and after they resided in El Cerrito.

In madrid New Mexico cheating housewives church document Gregoria is given as the daughter of Juan Cristo'bal Garcia and Tomasa Rael, yet in another she is listed as the daughter of Juan Garcia and Madrid New Mexico cheating housewives Rael, a couple from Albuquerque who lived in La Cuesta, had at least seven children, and were probably kin to Juan Cristobal and Tomasa.

At least one member of the same Flores family, a brother named Jose Antonio, lived in San Jose del Vado byand madrid New Mexico cheating housewives the early s Flores brothers were well represented in La Cuesta, where "Pomucena" and Isidro married in Because the El Cerrito land distribution took place inGarcia family ties may not have played a role in young Isidro's award of land. The couple had four known children and seem always to have lived in La Cuesta.

The couple apparently lived in El Cerrito. In a third child was sex personals LA New orleans 70131 in the jurisdiction of San Miguel del Vado, yet back in Santa Fe a fourth child was baptized in Juan Ignacio was a sexy women wants casual sex Kihei of El Cerrito when he died in Jose Rodriguez and Maria Concepcion Garcia also had six known children, all baptized by clergy in Santa Fe between and The couple probably lived in El Cerrito after Jose Severiano Sbnchez, a third head of household, served as a padrino at the baptism of the daughter of Juan Ignacio Rodriguez in Santa Fe in madrid New Mexico cheating housewives, suggesting madrid New Mexico cheating housewives connection as a relative or at least as a close friend.

Severiano and Antonia Mares apparently lived in El Cerrito from madrid New Mexico cheating housewives beginning. The final household head, Juan Salas, apparently a Santa Fean, is probably the Juan Salas who received four parcels in Tract 2 in He does not appear to have lived in El Cerrito. The couple lived in Santa Fe in and Ram6n Alari is listed as a padrino in l 8 15yet by they resided in La Cuesta. The potential for owning land in the Pecos Valley seems to have pulled them.

In the La Cuesta area marriages between men of several families from Santa Fe and Garcia women from Albuquerque probably brought people together for the El Cerrito enterprise. In madrid New Mexico cheating housewives, when Padilla distributed agricultural parcels in El Cerrito, Santa Feans represented roughly half the heads of household and Garcia sons and sons-in-law the other half.

Why these heads of household received land is a political story that may never be known. That political favoritism played a role is made clear by Ram6n Alari's disproportionately large allocation and also by the fact that one grantee, Isidro Flores, a lad of perhaps only fifteen, apparently had not yet married.

What became of these first landholding families? By the late s many of the original heads of household and their wives had died. Severiano Sanchez, who gave his age as eighty-two inseems to have outlived the older heads Table A. With the passing of the first generation, moreover, few of their surnames survived, and curiously none of them played leading roles.

Two widows were notable exceptions. From a building rooftop behind her multiroom adobe home, she watched her peones at work in her fields and called them for meals by ringing a bell.

In she apparently had two genizaros, a woman and a probable son, as household servants-if correct, the only genizaros of record in El Cerrito. By Desiderio Jaramillo, an eleven-year-old heir and possibly a godson, lived with Manuela. That year he and only one other village child, Francisco Alari, attended school, probably a boarding school in Las Vegas or Santa Fe.

When Manuela died in at madrid New Mexico cheating housewives age of seventy-eight, in keeping with her status as El Cerrito's wealthiest villager, the community honored her with burial adentro inside the Chapel of La Cuesta.

Teresa died at the age of seventy-eight inthe first year clergy recorded burials in El Cerrito. Teresa was interred in the Chapel of El Cerrito.

Their ranks included madrid New Mexico cheating housewives Bleas. Jose Rafael Blea mdarid his younger brother, Manuel, hailed from Santa Fe, where clergy baptized six brothers and madrid New Mexico cheating housewives between and Over the next twenty-five years Rafael and Luz had jousewives known children. They lived in El Cerrito when, on 1 Marchin El Cerrito's madrid New Mexico cheating housewives recorded baptism, clergy anointed Jose Albino, probably their seventh child.

Manuel Blea and his wife, Rafaela Brito, also moved cueating to El Cerrito, where Rafaela apparently gave birth to five of their seven known children. On 16 August clergy baptized Jose Antonio Rafael Madrid, apparently in Santa Fe where four of his brothers and sisters were also baptized between and Marriage into the Saiz family provided ample reason for Rafael to be invited to El Cerrito: Juan de Jesus Saiz, a brother of Manuela, was the father of Jose Alejandro, an original landholder and a village resident; and Antonio Saiz, another of Manuela's brothers, was the father of Manuel, black woman at dss New Washoe City also lived in the village.

And so Rafael and Manuela moved to El Cerrito, apparently when the community began, for the baptism of their child, Rafael Antonio, on 15 Junemadrid New Mexico cheating housewives one of the earliest on record for vecinos of El Cerrito.

Unfortunately, Manuela Saiz died. In about Rafael married Trinidad Gonzalez, who bore him at least four more children between and l85 1. Church records indicate that Juana Gonzalez household 23 was a daughter of Luis Maria and Magdalena, and they list Miguel Albino household 32 as a brother of Luis Maria, but how the rest fit is not clear.

He and Apolonia seem not to have had children. One of mdarid destinies awaited them and their Blea, Madrid, and Gonzalez neighbors: Manuel Antonio Gutierrez also became a landowner by and stayed, although it is not known how he acquired his land Table A.

The connections that brought the Bleas, Madrids, and Chavezes to El Cerrito appear not to have materialized in land. In a major village exodus, they joined other nonlandholding families in moving to cheatint village of San Agustin not long after Arag6n took the census in Table A. The houses' doors opened onto this plaza. Apparently none of the houses had windows. In laying out their rectangle, Cerritefios seem to have known that its corners should point at least weakly in the cardinal directions, an edict of the Laws of the Indies commonly adhered to in New Mexico.

El Cerrito's fortified rectangle as well as its church are turned some 15 degrees from true north. Figure 2. No torre6n seems madrid New Mexico cheating housewives have been buikZ2 The church was the community focal point, both literally and symbolically. Probably constructed as a community project, the structure's windowless thick adobe walls gave Free three some a potential fortress.

In a crisis, villagers used a large drum located near the church to sound the alarm. One can imagine, to use the words of Don Usner, "callused hands gripping rosaries behind thick mud walls.

Nww adobe houses with flat roofs presumably enclosed madrid New Mexico cheating housewives open plaza. Just when villagers built a substantial church is not known. Entrances to the compound probably had heavy gates.

Sketch by RLN, viewed to the northeast. Old-timers report that the church's present pitched roof and belfry were not constructed until about They also say that when the county built El Cerrito's cement bridge Nfw the Pecos invillagers dismantled a madrid New Mexico cheating housewives that enclosed madrid New Mexico cheating housewives churchyard cemetery and used it as fill for the appproach to the bridge.

Perhaps Cerritefios thought of themselves as deserted or abandoned in their end-of-the-line plaza. As it swung away from the river, the irrigation ditch followed the outer edge madrid New Mexico cheating housewives this terrace to circle three sides of the plaza Map 2. Like its Pecos Valley neighbors, the El Cerrito plaza must have had heavy gates, known as zaguanes, to control access to the inside of the compound.

One gate may have existed on the west side to give villagers access to the vado across the Pecos and to the road leading upstream to La Cuesta. In the late nineteenth century, in more peaceful times, the paucity of secondlevel terrace land above the irrigation ditch constrained expansion of the village, with the result that El Cerrito is uncommonly compact. First, early CerriteAos came from plaza communities elsewhere in the Pecos Valley.

In George W. Kendall described Anton Chico as a rectangular compound built of one-story, flat-roofed, Map 2. The existence of a plaza is confirmed; features shown are conjectural. Houses marked with an "X" are found in Map 7. See text for evidence. Houswwives plaza at San Jose del Vado, as noted in chapter 1, is intact to this day.

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Vigilson of Anastacio Quintana, told his daughter Bella that villagers built El Cerrito as cheatiny madrid New Mexico cheating housewives for protection from Indians: And there is additional evidence. In aboutthe westernmost room of the Emiterio Arellanes h o u s e o n c e the house of Ramon Alari-had to be torn down to make a right-of-way for the new bridge.

This house had formed part of hkusewives rectangle. Madrid New Mexico cheating housewives when coring sample holes on the madrid New Mexico cheating housewives Alari-Arellanes house lot inHeffington found no evidence of buried trash. He did find subsurface trash deposited outside the original plaza, especially along the route leading to the vado. Early villagers clearly deposited their trash outside the compound. North of this long house, outside the plaza, stood the two-room structure now gone to the madrid New Mexico cheating housewives of which Manuela Jaramillo de Alari would climb to observe madrid New Mexico cheating housewives field-workers and to ring a bell to call them for meals.

Fernando Quintana apparently bought the long house for his daughter, Maria Simona, at about the time Simona and Jose Emiterio Arellanes married in Ricardo Rick Patricio Quintana, the present owner, reported that a de is carved in a viga in a newer part of the house, which suggests that Fernando may have added to the house when he bought it. Mature women with big pussy between older rooms are quite low, but then Ramon Alari stood only 5'1".

As recently as the house still had only a flat roof see Fig. Anastacio Quintana told Olen Leonard in that when he was a boy he was born inIndians stole buffalo meat chsating lard from village homes at night.

Through open windows they would spear tortillas with long pointed sticks. Madrid New Mexico cheating housewives related the story of the time his father, Fernando, watered an ox. Indians appeared and took the ox. Madrid New Mexico cheating housewives ran to the village, beat the "huge madrid New Mexico cheating housewives used for calling villagers in an emergency, and with their help immediately pursued the Indians.

When they caught up with the ox, they found only its bones; the Indians had stripped off the meat and fled.

To warn of such marauders, villagers stationed a centinela atop La Centinela, as they called the high mesa west of the village Map 2. Henry Arellanes remembers that villagers burned a candle in a husewives man-made cave on a rock shelf halfway up La Sexy lady looking sex Brentwood. When someone lost a cow, villagers ascended La Centinela to observe the burning candle.

Fernando founded El Cerrito, while Miguel and Juan located in villages upstream. This hhousewives is partly true. However, the brothers came from Santa Fe, not Spain, and Fernando, a child of five inplayed no role in founding El Cerrito. A resourceful and ambitious person who had milf dating in Boothville well, Femando rose quickly into madrud ranks of El Cerrito's elite and emerged as the undisputed leader of a generation whose challenge was to stay close to home and farm.

Although the evidence is sometimes sketchy, the people bearing these new surnames either had relatives in El Cerrito or they were young men like Fernando Quintana who married village women.

Of the eight newcomers, only Apodoca did not remain permanently. The Bleas apparently did not own land, and Justo Apodaca's marriage to Tomasa Blea in thus seems to have precluded his acquiring land, at least through marriage. But the other newcomers acquired land and became permanent CerriteAos. The census shows El Cerrito's population to have grown in seventeen short years towhich may well be the village's all-time high.

The eighty-four households listed for in Table A. Pedro's testimony given in what should be the first message to a girl the age of seventy-nine during the San Miguel del Vado Grant proceedings provides insight into family mobility in the early s.

From the Rio Chiquito the family Medico to La Cuesta sometime before the baptism there free sex chat line san Germany ca a second son, Jose Tomas, on 24 December Pedro returned to the Taos area with his grandparents, neapali sex when they died sometime between andhe rejoined his family in La Cuesta.

For unknown reasons, perhaps Durhn ties to Maria Antonia Durhn, second wife in of land grantee Roman Garcia, or perhaps Montoya ties to Manuela Jaramillo's family, the Duran family moved to El Cerrito in the s. In about Pedro married Maria Dolores Madrid New Mexico cheating housewives of La Cuesta, in or buffalo killed NNew father near El Cerrito, and after Stephen Watts Kearny invaded New Mexico inPedro at least nominally took the housewivex of his father in the service of Governor Manuel Madrid New Mexico cheating housewives, the only villager known to have served in this capacity.

Baptismal and census records show that for twenty years after Pedro and Dolores produced twelve or thirteen children.

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Jeslis Maria, one of the eldest, inherited the land his father had purchased from Jos6 M. Chavez, who in turn had purchased land from original grantee Pablo Borrego. Pedro died in at the age of eightyseven, and villagers buried him in El Cerrito. Rafael, a native of Albuquerque, followed in the footsteps of Ndw older brother, Juliin Lorenzo, who had moved to the Pecos Valley some twenty years earlier.

On 29 Januaryclergy married the two somewhere in the jurisdiction of San Miguel del Vado, perhaps in El Cerrito. Rafael had possible family ties to El Cerrito through his mother, a Rael from Albuquerque. Paula had more definite ties: Roque Madrid, her maternal grandfather, was the father of Rafael Madrid, an early villager.

At some point they acquired land, apparently through purchase from Juan Ignacio Rodriguez and Juan Salas. Anastacia, baptized in and the last of their eleven known children, inherited the land. Both couples were El Cerrito residents in Table Cbeating. Robinson recorded them in Table A. But Manuel and Clementa stayed and had madrid New Mexico cheating housewives dozen children madrrid about and Manuel meanwhile became the heir to his cousin Alejandro's land.

When Manuel died inClementa inherited his property, and when she died inthe Saiz family in El Cerrito essentially came to an end. However, an unexplained Francisco Quintana, a widower with three children in El Cerrito in the March census, raises questions about Fernando's early contact with El Cerrito Table A. Fernando and Gertrudis are absent in the March census, which is curious, because three adult singles dating in South cle elum earlier, on 27 Decemberclergy recorded them as padrino and madrina at a village baptism.

In El Cerrito, the couple housewivee off hosuewives a rocky start. On 29 September clergy baptized their first child, Maria Agapita, who died just three months later. Jose Antonio, their second child, baptized on 16 Mayalso madrid New Mexico cheating housewives young. But the next eight children born in El Cerrito between and lived. Through contacts facilitated by sweet wants nsa Fontana marriage and through vheating work, Fernando purchased land from original grantees Manuela Jaramillo de Alari and Roman Garcia.

Meanwhile, Gertrudis also Meico land from Jose Armenta, who had purchased land from original grantee Isidro Flores. The census russian women with big boobs in shows that Fernando was El Cerrito's largest landholder, well ahead of Luis Manzanares Table 3.

In addition to these facts, we know that Fernando rose before dawn; was strong, healthy, and a good Indian fighter; and at the end of his life walked with a limp. Gertrudis had a heart-shaped growth over one eye, reportedly the result of an injury sustained when madrid New Mexico cheating housewives picture frame fell from a wall and struck her forehead. She had Indian housewibes that some housewves to Apache ancestors.

Two additional young nonvillage men likewise benefited from marrying daughters of Teresa Garcia and Pablo Martin.

The first, Victoriano Ulibarri, at about the age of twenty-four, married Maria Francisca Martin, just thirteen, in Victoriano, the son of Bernardo Ulibarri, who seems to have lived in El Pueblo, had thirteen known children with Francisca between about and Having the hosewives village contacts must have helped Hlusewives to purchase land, from original grantee Juan Chesting Victoriano's eldest son, Jose Francisco, also madrid New Mexico cheating housewives land from original grantee Eusebio Garcia.

Meanwhile, the couple's second son, Pedro, purchased land from Jesus Maria Quintana. He and Isabel produced five known madrid New Mexico cheating housewives between andbut then Isabel seems looking for sex in Anchorage have died. Inwhen madrid New Mexico cheating housewives identified land claims in Tract 1 of the San Miguel del Vado Grant, their eldest son, Jose Gregorio, owned land purchased from the heirs of Manuela Jaramillo de Alari, while a younger son, Jose Crestino, owned land purchased mdrid his cousin, Francisco Ulibarri.

Her kin included Maria Antonia Mares, second wife of original landholder Severiano Sinchez, and she black women Kansas City also have been related to Maria Dolores Mares, third wife of original landholder Eusebio Garcia.

Altogether, Luis and Agapita had eleven children, nine of whom lived, and in time Agapita inherited the land of Severiano Sanchez. Albino, the youngest son, purchased land from the heirs of Manuela Jaramillo de Alari. By the Manzanares family had resources madrid New Mexico cheating housewives put them second only to the Quintanas in family wealth Tables 4. And this created problems8 The similarities between Fernando Quintana and Gertrudis Martin, madrid New Mexico cheating housewives the one hand, and Luis Manzanares and Agapita Mares, on the other, went well beyond amassing wealth.

Fernando and Gertrudis were born in about andLuis and Agapita in about and Both Fernando and Luis became Cerritefios through marriage in and Between and Mwxico and Gertrudis had ten children, eight of whom lived; housewives looking sex Davie Florida 33332 and Luis and Agapita had eleven children, nine of whom lived.

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Fernando had an edge on acquiring land through his mother-in-law, Teresa Garcia, while Luis gained an advantage through his wife's kin, Antonia Mares.

Both couples had able sons four Quintanas, five Manzanareses to help farm and raise livestock, and both had two daughters who added to their families' strength through marriage: Although Fernando and Luis had amicable relations madrid New Mexico cheating housewives they sought wealth and power, rivalry in the next generation led to a feud.

The way the principals ended is that Luis and Fernando, each seventy-eight, died in andrespectively, while Gertrudis died in All three were buried in the Chapel of El Cerrito. Agapita was alive inbut by she and all other Manzanareses had been driven from the ill age. High birthrates among the first families produced a large second generation of sons and daughters. New families continued madrid New Mexico cheating housewives arrive.

And now people inhabited the tiny plaza. CerriteAos massage cary il faced the problem of an unequal distribution of wealth. Elite families owned most of the valley agricultural land and livestock, while the other families seem to have supplied the field hands and shepherds.

Thus when a new frontier offered economic opportunity, the landless families, indeed all families wanting to better themselves, seized the occasion and moved on. The exodus was so massive that at first glance the census for El Cerrito appears grossly inaccurate.

The four original census schedules pages that in had forty-two lines, one per person is gale gay El Cerrito families show only people in thirty-four households, compared madrid New Mexico cheating housewives people in eighty-four households in Tables A.

Did El Cerrito's population actually plummet by 60 madrid New Mexico cheating housewives between and ? The census, although imperfect, affirms that it did.

Taken by an Anglo named James D. Robinson, apparently the twenty-five-year-old Pennsylvania-born barber who resided in Santa Fe, the census suffers from misspelled Spanish names such as Arragon for Aragbn, Bacca for Baca, Independent blonde escorts for Gutierrez, and, an extreme example, Tuckelata for the place-name Tecolote.

Such misspellings of course raise the issue of Robinson's competence in Spanish. madrid New Mexico cheating housewives

Moreover, while in El Cerrito on MexickRobinson recorded six families twice. Even if this bousewives when he later recopied his schedules, it suggests sloppiness, perhaps dishonesty. And Robinson's schedules madric that these former CerriteAos were prospering: At San Cheatin, the former CerriteAos did not live in one group.

Robinson recorded them as interspersed with other families. Because many of the other families had CerriteAo surnames, one assumes that relatives, perhaps from San Miguel or Las Vegas, regrouped to live together along the lower Gallinas Madrid New Mexico cheating housewives.

Two other censuses confirm it was actually San Agustin: Census taken by twenty-nine-year-old Prussian-born Charles Emil Wesche, who recorded that these Cerriteiio families were living in the "Settlements in madrid New Mexico cheating housewives Valles de San Agustin. Their destination, land in the town of Las Vegas Grant, was located sixteen miles from El Cerrito as the crow flies but twice that distance for a caravan attempting to negotiate the terrain of the Canadian Escarpment Map 3.

The exodus happened within months of the March census in El Cerrito; residents of San Agustin have prioritized water rights dating from Among the one hundred twenty individuals who removed to San Agustin were four sons and three daughters of horny Madison Wisconsin women original fifteen landholders in Madrid New Mexico cheating housewives Cerrito.

Even Eusebio Garcia, himself an original grantee, made the move to San Agustin. Salazar bought Eusebio's El Cerrito lands. When removing to San Agustin, the onetime resident of Albuquerque, La Cuesta, and El Cerrito may have made his last move, for after Eusebio disappears from the census records. Like raindrops rolling one to the next down a windowpane, each housewived swelling before breaking away, landless families in frontier villages swollen with people madrid New Mexico cheating housewives Mexxico new villages and new lands on a more distant frontier.

With the older woman seeking man jackson hole wyoming exception of a jump to La Cuesta, Rafael Blea madrd probably his brother Manuel had participated in all five moves. And Blea family members would make a sixth move still farther east to found Trementina Map 3.

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