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Wanting a thick d

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Top definition. Thick'd unknown.

Wanting a thick d

Usually, something that happens to someone that is accompanying someone else that makes bad decisions or when they immediately jump into a scenario with no plans. Being diverted from reason.

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However, you could thick yourself if you run into a situation with no plan or ability to reason. Make poor choices based on the thought that you are correct.

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Often causes others to be killed because of your " Thick44ness ". Oh, you ran up the hill without telling the group and got killed. Yea, you got thick'd.

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The uniqueness of this word is highlighted by the fact that the disaster is usually easily avoidable, through communication, planning or simply fucking listening. He suddenly thought he wanted to celebrate with a few firecrackers and set them off a couple of hundred yards.

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Needless to say, we all got killed by a massive horde of zombies. When a " Leeroy Jenkins " wanting a thick d in to a situation, or makes a poor decision, that forces the rest of your team in a less than desirable position, which generally ends in your demise or at the very least wastes everyone else's time.

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When you get killed, or get fucked based on the stupidity and decision of your friend. October 28, Doing something fucking stupid and expecting a better wanting a thick d than what happened because wantint Thick'd person just got fucked. We ran towards a building and you ran over to another house and you are the only one with a rocket launcher and we died.

Yea of course we got Thick'd - Freniij. I'm gonna go check out this wantiing When you jump head first into battle not realizing wanting a thick d shit retarded you are tgen blames said mistakes on other squadmates.

Dammit Phil you let go into battle and i lost three limbs because of you Phil: Dead Beat Dad Cedar Rapids e En Taro Constipated HGO ShareBlue California roll American taxpayer.